Anders Riggelsen

Anders Riggelsen

Multimedia Fusion 2 Tools & Libraries

EDIF extension development SDK

EDIF SDK - created by Jamie McLaughlin and now maintained by us both on Github.

This SDK makes it easier for you to write extensions for Multimedia Fusion 2 compared to using the official extension SDK.

You simply define all actions, conditions and expressions in a JSON file instead of in C++ code. - this is especially helpful for people who for example want to create an extension for other runtimes and do not wish to spend time on the C++ part.

Download on Github - Info thread on Clickteam forums

Object Selection framework

This class will help you a lot when writing extensions that manipulates the SOL.

More info and download

Java/Flash Extension Template Generator (1.4)

This tool eases your task at converting your C++ extension (using either the default SDK or rSDK) to Java and Flash.

Just point the tool to the location of your 'main.cpp' file of your extension and select your options. The tool will output a source-file where you quickly can begin to fill in the blanks.

Requires Microsoft .NET runtime (Or Mono)